Workshop Offerings:


Sacred Seat: Experience Yogic meditation practices derived from the Vedas, Tantras, as well as methods established by Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan. Practices will explore a wide range of techniques from held-seated, walking, movement meditations, as well as supine relaxation and concentration techniques. Meditation is establishing the mind into one-pointedness for an extended amount of time. Build or enhance your personal meditation practice through sacred movements, sounds and mantras while supported steady and comfortable seat. 

Energetically Aligned: Chakra Vinyasa is the journey into shifting the frequency of our body and mind through an energetically aligning flow balancing the physical and subtle body. Experience a well-rounded vinyasa practice that guides you from the physical to the esoteric through movement, sound, mantra and music. Explore the multifaceted elements of the yoga tradition incorporated with breathe and movement to elevate the mood directing our focus deeper. Integrate, purify and awaken parts of yourself through the dynamics of the chakra system.


Upcoming Workshops:

June is Pride Month, where members of the LGBTQ+ community come together to celebrate our heritage and history. In honor of Pride, Krama Kajuan and Monica Pirani are partnering to offer "Born This Way: Flow for Pride" an event to raise money for The Ali Forney Center, a non profit that provides housing and social services to LGBTQ+ youth throughout New York City.

Born This Way: Flow for Pride

Wednesday, June 14th at Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca

Class 7:30-8:45pm

Pride Social 8:45pm-10:30pm

Cost: $30 per ticket