About Kajuan Douglas


Yoga is based on the Yama and Niyama. Without these ethics and conducts, we are merely exercising. With these guidelines sincerely implemented, we practice yoga. Kajuan teaches an energized, spiritual and athletic vinyasa flow practice. Each practice is focused on physical endurance, concentration and alertness. He incorporates many facets of the yoga tradition/culture to create a well-rounded exploration of Yoga. His classes are challenging and inspiring, just as life is. With the use of dynamic and static postures linked with fluid transitions, his classes aim to strengthen and free not only the body, but also the mind. He emphasizes pranayama, kriyas, mudras and meditation with a touch of bhakti to invite the transformative power of Yoga to sharpen awareness and elevate us toward freedom and/or relaxation.


Vinyasa Flow: 500hr

Classical Hatha: 200hr

Dharma Yoga: 300hr

Kundalini Yoga: 200hr Level 1

Vedic + Tantric Meditation: 200hr

Restorative Yoga: 75hr


Additional Studies: 

Yoga Philosophy + Bhakti Yoga + Pranic Healing + Vinyasa Rx (Yoga as Functional Movement)

With +5 years of experience teaching grouping classes, private sessions, leading and adjunct teaching in teacher trainings/mentorship programs + retreats + workshops.